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OASYS, Ltd. provides large and small business concerns with long term solutions to their computer needs. From large enterprise wide networking to small scale, personalized training and PC connectivity, OASYS, Ltd. will prove an invaluable asset to your office staff. Comprised of experienced, concerned, and respected computer experts, our consultants provide solutions, not problems; strategic fixes, not tactical band-aids; and unbiased recommendations, without slanted sales pitches.

A corporate decision years ago to remain unaffiliated with large computer software and hardware manufacturers has proven to be a strong point to our established client base. We do not push any particular product, but rather scan the technology front for the best solutions to your concern. Our consultants and staff spend countless hours reviewing new technology products, reading reviews and studying technical manuals because we know you have more important things to do. You need results, not more problems; direction, not confusion; and solutions, not concerns.OASYS, Ltd. is already prepared to help!

OASYS, Ltd. strives to provide clients with the highest quality consultants and technicians. We currently employ Microsoft Certified Professionals and are a Microsoft Certified Partner. Microsoft Certified Professionals have an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft applications and Operating Systems and the ability to integrate the two seamlessly. Becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner allows us to directly communicate with Microsoft on issues concerning today’s technology and allows us to get a head start on tomorrow’s technology. To find out more about the Microsoft Certified Partner program please visit our Partner Information page.

To learn more about what OASYS, Ltd. can do for you, please see our Services page and read about network considerations.


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